Welcome to Mediacom

We are fueled by a passion to inform, entertain and elevate, we deliver on our promises and we lead with heart and integrity.

Our Vision

To disrupt and dominate in whatever markets we serve.


Liberate the minds for innovation juices to flow

Encourage each other for top performance

Achievement is the purpose of our existence

Develop our staff so that they remain relevant

Exemplary behaviour by all our staff

Relationships is what makes our business tick

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Year Experience

Our Mission

We will not be afraid of doing things differently to remain a free-thinking, responsible, successful and relevant innovator as we maintain leadership in our markets

We serve in the following categories

We have worked on leading brands are from the FMCG, Manufacturing, Sport and Financial Services sectors. Mediacom will create, deliver and manage brands through its expertise and passion for creativity. 


We help our clients in producing and distributing literature, music, or other content to the public

Brand Strategy

We help our clients in devising a long-term plan for the development and management of their business.

Digital Communications

Digital communications refers to the use of digital channels such as the internet, mobile devices, and social media to communicate with audiences.

About Mediacom Holdings

Mediacom Holdings was founded in 2007. It is a brainchild of some of the leading marketing, social media and multimedia design experts, who have worked on leading international and local brands before. 

Our aim is to disrupt and dominate the markets we serve in. We have to be number 1 in whatever we do by integrating strategy, creativity and experience to build brands.

Over the years we have established ourselves as the number one multimedia management company in Zimbabwe and we are expanding our footprint into Southern Africa through digital magazines as these have no borders and boundaries:

Our Services

  1. Publishing
  2. Brand Strategy and Management
  3. PR and Communication solutions
  4. Media Management
  5. Web design and management
  6. Print design and management
  7. Film Works
  8. Presentation solutions
  9. Animation
  10. Photography
  11. Videography
  12. Software development
  13. Digital marketing
  14. E-brochures and E-catalogues
  15. Press Management 
  16. Launch Management

Mediacom has a talented and dedicated team with expertise that can compete internationally in the communications spectrum, such as design, research, public relations, identity, retail marketing, sales promotion, software development, social media management, new media management, publishing, and media management.


We are fueled by a passion to inform, entertain and elevate, we deliver on our promises and we lead with heart and integrity. We’re building something big at Mediacom – connecting audiences to the content they rely on and creating solutions that link our advertisers to customers they want to reach.

We are a one stop shop for client as we offer modern digital and social ways of communication with our clients and their clients.

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With us it’s a done deal…

We are Zimbabwe’s first email marketing company. Launched in 2007. We have seasoned marketers who have worked for multinational companies. They understand what cost-effective results driven marketing is all about. Our designers and technical team have skills and experience gained across the globe. They have worked on some of the world’s leading brands. We are here to serve you.

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